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NOV 3, 2023

FTX & Brokerage Scams at Fidelity, Vanguard, JP Morgan Chase & Bank of NY, & RobinHood result from Hacks that include US National Security Agency's Eternal Blue & Double Pulsar.

While the crew that built FTX was working at the World Trade Center, next to $AXP & $GS, a major cyberattack hit $MRK, Merck Pharma. Located a few miles away from that Corporation where SBF was working, Jane Capital. [Per $NYT, the Lawyers called that attack a “cyber nuclear attack" to clarify that WTC area was affected by the hacks that affected $MRK, while FTX was formed. Cyberattacks such as those can attain position locks, for long-term & are to blame for the fraud at FTX. The Human Users like SBF were not cybersecure & the frauds are conducted by malicious software. If those Cyberattacks 24/7 were not against FTX the fraud wouldn't have taken place.]

The cyberattacks across America including that at Merck were attributed to groups like "NotPetya" and APT38. Two APT groups. Tools designed by the US National Security Agency's Equation Group were alleged to be used. One Computer Scientist found a "turn off switch" in one of the hacks. However quite simply it is not clear whether such Cyberattacks had Deep Fake software running to lead Computer Scientists to believe they could simply turn off the Advanced Persistent Threat Cyber Attacks they found.

Currently Fidelity Professionally Managed, Vanguard, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of NY Pershing & RobinHood are conducting blatant fraudulent scams. Their scams like FTX are not home made: They are the result of Cyberattacks that are very complex. That can target 100% of companies' employees using only those People's location.

NYT wrote a comprehensive article explaining some of the technicals: "A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’" [linked]

Americans & also People across the world are being mass incarcerated due to complex schemes & fraud that are being caused by Cyberattacks upon them & upon their specific coordinates, 24/7. For readers not familiar with the subject of Computer Science, visualize the images from Biosensors that show rooms in 3D with a Person's Heat Signature. example from MIT of tech that can "see through walls":

Now adays a piece of hardware can "tag" a spot or a Person, and hacks from hardware located several feet away or miles away can be used as part of a cyberattack, that can include that Person's biometric data. That is very clearly the case with Bankman-Fried's FTX, or a variation thereof. Here is an example:

The scams at FTX, are similar to those at Big Name brokerages:

  • Fidelity, where their Professionally Managed steals $10,000 cash from customers while running multi scams

  • Vanguard where the Company turned off all OTC & all ADRs, over 100,000 stocks, with no warning on April 28, 2022

  • Bank of New York $BK, where customers can buy corp bonds, however not sell if they are up on $AAPL $GOOGL $AMZN $MSFT $BRKA bonds [b/c BNY's Pershing appears to bet & not hold their customers' bonds,]

  • JP Morgan Chase $JPM, where stocks are turned off 1 penny below $5, where the $JPM brokerage team believes they can perpetrate that scam & get away with it, not allowing customers to buy or sell as they were allowed to, so $JPM can scam & cash customers out at lower prices & keep the difference

  • RobinHood $HOOD, where the Company is now turning Customers' investments off all together & disallowing bank transfers, they claim for 7-10 days to "review."

Fidelity, Vanguard, Bank of New York, JP Morgan & Robin Hood's scams are similar to FTX because their employees, like Bankman Fried are Cyberattacked 24/7 to cause harm to their Companies & cause all that severe harm to their Customers.

The APT groups like NotPetya & APT38 are not entirely to blame either. Hacks on them & their superiors & also hacks on their hacks by Polymorphic Engines are the culprits to cause the Frauds & Scams by & upon their targets like FTX, Vanguard, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Bank of NY / T Rowe Price [uses BNY Pershing] & Robin Hood. Some of the Hacks using Eternal Blue & Double Pulsar are designed to reveal Cyberattack groups & treat civilians like Vanguard's chairman / ceo, JP Morgan's ceo, BNY's execs, Fidelity's execs, RobinHood's execs & FTX's execs & employees as civilians who are not priviledged to classified info, regardless of Constiutional Rights & Liberty [with Vanguard Execs imprisoned for stealing millions, due to those complex cyberattacks that targets all of their employees.] Also regardless of the 10s of 1,000s of American Customers stolen from. Not once do articles accompanying patches include fixes for all the damage done, such as FTX. If it were not for the Cyberattacks those Companies would not be scamming, their scams are caused entirely by very advanced software attacks.

FTX & RobinHood are appearing to get worse Cyberattacks because they work with Blockchain. Some use Blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and the successful ones, along with Zero Trust. example: article linked:

Zero Trust and the evolution of Zero Trust, including use with Blockchain, offer hope to prevent those advanced Cyberattacks, thus those exchanges received & received them worse.

With SBF, simple details like the fact one of his relatives, an aunt's father-in-law was an honorable US military veteran, can be & is used by those complex cyberattacks. Simply because APT cyberattacks "scrape" Data with ease then proceed to be very malicious & hurtful. The building of FTX was affected by Cyberattacks, just like Silk Road, in order to compile large Data Bases, to attack. Those attacks occur at the fraction of the second & require 24/7 defense.


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