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NOV 8, 2023

The current scams taking place at Robinhood Brokerage are among the most ridiculous of any financial institution. With the exception of the fact that the newer scams keep getting worse & worse:

Vanguard turned off 100,000 stocks in 2022, the OTC & ADRs. Customers paid millions in commissions to buy, & with no notice Vanguard turned off billions in customers' investments.

Fidelity scams Customers' life savings & can run through Customers' portfolios in < 5 years, in their Professional Managed service. Fidelity also robs the Customers they scam of $10,000. Even though JP Morgan's own stock was around $5 for nearly 20 years, JP Morgan turns off the smaller stocks if they go 1 penny below $5: The banks & brokerages, in order to support that scam have actually had Over-the-Counter stocks, they allow customers to buy, to be labeled "Penny Stocks" under $5.

Sounds ridiculous because, those are scams affected by both Advanced Persistent Threat cyberattacks & also software to try to cause those Financial Institution scams to be: Outrageous.

Based on today's headlines, it's the same for Robinhood: As news reports less trading business, Robinhood is turning Customers' accounts off, liquidating their investments & kicking them out. Not allowing Customers to transfer their own Cash. Using foreign Call Centers that are ripe for infiltration

Clearly the scam at Robinhood is due to sabotage attempts that the Company is not defended against

Robinhood is targeting minority Customers, Jewish Americans & African Americans are taking to Social Media to bring Robinhood's scams to the attention of the investment Community.

In retrospect, now Robinhood's other scams of turning all investments off for 90 days on "Pattern Day Trade" accusations appear more likely to be part of the same scam being run by Robinhood's brokerage team. Currently Robinhood is turning accounts off for 7-10 days, claiming they are reviewing: Then Robinhood is kicking Customers' out.

The Company also is being malicious with their joking as they "review" & kick Customers out. It does appear to be the result of Cyberattacks against $HOOD & also infiltration of their Call Centers & Brokerage. To try to harm their Company.

Robinhood does not use a Business Principle to prevent such scams from succeeding & Cyberattacks are targeting Financial Institutions 24/7 to try to get them to harm both their Company & Customers.

One of Robinhood's board member profiles contains an inaccuracy that is contradicted by that foreign Singapore based, large government's fund's own websites: The bio states the Director is on a "Sovereign" fund, when the cited fund's websites clearly state that they are not one and the same: All that can be due to Cyberattacks: Additional Cyberattacks can use that info for complex attacks: The fact that the Company's website is not 100% accurate: Though there may be a good explanation.

The other more obvious explanation is that clearly the Finance Companies are receiving significant Cyberattacks 24/7. The scams at Fidelity, Vanguard, Robinhood, JP Morgan & Bank of NY Pershing are malicious & cause losses: They use Government banking rules as cover for the scams, falsely claiming "Anti Money Laundering", "Know Your Customer" & a new US Treasury FinCen rule targeting terror & crime, to kick out Customers whose Accounts aren't profitable enough for their Companies' scams: All due to Cyberattacks to hurt the Customers & Company.

There is no doubt that right now Robinhood Brokerage is scamming & hurting Customers, causing losses. Kicking them out, selling their investments. Robinhood's recent quarterly financial filing shows a ratio of "securities borrowed" to "securities loaned" that like any area of financial business, if not secured properly can be used for scams caused by Cyberattacks.

And the company does not realize that they are doing that due to elaborate, complex, cyberattacks. Customers were never advised that Robinhood would turn accounts off for 7 to 10 days: The scamming Brokerages are trying to make their Brokerage Teams' bets more profitable, it appears by removing their Customers from the equation: Fidelity, Vanguard, JP Morgan & Bank of NY Pershing do the same: They run the same scams because they receive the same 24/7 Cyberattacks that are not yet adequately defended against.

More & more the recognition of Cyberattacks & the use of both Zero Trust & Blockchain [one of Robinhood's specialties that the Company is not supporting business services of, in a quality manner, currently due to Cyberattacks] offers more ability to defend from Common Vulnerabilities & Exploits: Those CVEs that have numerous new patches every day.

A majority of "back door" hacks" & "zero day hacks" that can stay in place for 10 years or more until patched, can be defended against using Zero Trust & also Zero Trust & Blockchain, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Solana and those quality Blockchains.

Some use Layers of Blockchain in Cybersecurity and Life Saving Medical Software: Whereby the only way the Computer Program "Proceeds" is if the Zero Trust & also layers of Blockchain are fulfilled correctly, at the fraction of a second: A variable algorithm that changes the correct Blockchain-component of Blockchained Software, multiple times per second, is able to defend against those complex hacks.

To envision the reality of that description: Say a Cyberattack group wants to Hack a device that can be used to Cyberattack a brokerage: The cyberattack group tries all day, every day, until they are able to. The proper use of Zero Trust & layers of Blockchain, Bitcoin + Litecoin + Ehtereum + Bitcoin Cash + Cardano, for instance can prevent those Cyberattack groups with what to Computer Coders is actually quite simple. An algorithm that is constantly fluctuating the proper amounts of Digital Value needed, multiple times per second, to further allow for Zero Trust architecture to continue to the next step of that Software and / or Hardware's function.

Some computer scientists use Bitcoin + more to increase the resilience and defense of the Software and Hardware they are making & maintaining 24/7. Knowing that Cyberattack Groups' Advanced Persistent Threat Software Attacks are trying to break their Software & Hardware: Literally 24/7.

Zero Trust & Blockchain Medical Apps can prevent infections that would've caused fatal disease: With precision using genomic data, predictive analytics. The same tech in the future can prevent infections that are known to cause heart defects in babies: With precision, using genomic data.

For instance "furin cleavage" & interference of properly functioning furin system has been linked to heart defects in babies: Medical software that uses Zero Trust & Blockchain: Genomic data & predictive analytics can prevent the Mom from getting the infection that causes those heart defects.

The merchant solutions and quality business Robinhood could be doing, instead of scamming is valuable and important. The company is not doing the quality business as much currently, because while Blockchain has extraordinarily valuable applications: Cyberattack groups also are trying to hack that value away, 24/7.

Robinhood & the American Finance Institutions are not recognizing the complex cyberattacks that are hurting both their Companies & Customers: Because Cyberattack groups go to significant lengths to operate & attack undetected.


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