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Big Tech & Blockchain Tech, Is Stronger Than Foreign Malware & Can Cure The Gain of Function Viruses




JUNE 20, 2022


In all history & in the world of business, it is the strong that survive [to quote Charles Darwin.] Through a blend of the world's top institutions' work there is now a better ability to work curatively & towards prosperity for every one.

As smart, good people work to try to: Cure all the awful diseases in the world, unfortunately there are groups that work to fight & battle.

Every person in the world should, hopefully one day have what are called: Basic Rights [& not only that A+ Standard of Living & A+ Quality of Life-Saving-Health-Care, that is designed to prevent poverty {financial toxicity.}

Intelligent Practice Can Provide A+ Standard Universally To Public & Grow Businesses

While some, for whatever reason allow for weak standards of medicine: All Blood Cancers can be cured, particularly those caused by Gain of Function Lab Viruses: Not only cost effectively, now patients can be cured and the hospitals are & can be monetized with Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology.

Kinetic energy from foot traffic can reduce Hospital costs, in larger & some smaller facilities using high volt kinetic energy harvesters in floor tiles & side walk panels: Also, Solar is and can be used. Thermal energy from patients also.

Computer scientists' research now can calculate the number of patients' thermal energy, that can power 1 Bitcoin ASIC Box.

Life saving is more & more, and can achieve a point where Cures are monetized. And used to prevent those conditions for everyone in the World.

Big Tech & Big Medicine, Computer Science Pros & Medicine Pros work towards that & use Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash Blockchain to raise the level of Medical excellence for as many People as possible: Those successes have generated Billions in Taxes paid & Billions in investment that have benefited all quality investments. Every one of them, from stocks, to bonds & treasuries.

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as: Corruption. Where groups use official offices against People unconstitutionally.

From the amazing & good public leaders to the People, who have died of what appear to be: Lab created viruses that specifically try to reduce people's life spans: No one's advisers decided to prioritize those threats & defend against them well enough. Tech can do that for both Leaders & People.

These are instances where numerous Americans & People globally are dying of so-called "rare" diseases, that are according to medical science caused by Gain of Function viruses: Viruses created in Labs: It's possible those Labs were not well defended against foreign malware that can try to do that by affecting employees & hardware 24/7.

The News Reports state NIH funded researchers casually saying they knew the people in charge of Wuhan handled Gain of Function Viruses in the low level BSL-2 labs: Viruses 10,000 times stronger than their original CoV, that had Furin Cleavage inserted: Why would Wuhan handle viruses that can kill millions in the their old BSL-2. They had just built a new top-level BSL-4.

The main important thing for modern civilizations to be able to have to do is defend against all viruses including those from Labs & that can be done.

Malware tries to cause that, threats such as lab leaks or mismanagement of vital government labs.

The Good organizations, Good groups, Good Offices & Companies including Big Tech, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Intuitive Surgical, Illumina [Big Tech & Big Medicine] along with Blockchain Tech that monetizes energy & is used in Tech Processes, like Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, as well as Ethereum & Cardano: Can & are used to raise the level of quality & cure diseases.

As well as prevent diseases & monetize what can be to operate Blockchain Nodes, to build successful businesses.

That is not only what can be, it is what is being done thanks to Tech including the newer complex field of Bitcoin / Blockchain that is used in software & hardware.

Square, now known as Block $SQ works to do that also: They want to Cure COVID, a disease that causes Cancer & like all Good Tech, hopefully will move the bar of excellence up: So knowledge that can save lives is used 24/7 .

There is a line of misleading Propaganda [called "eugenics"] that tries to promote the practice of not using medicine to fight diseases based on age: The fact is that Big Tech, & Big Medicine can cure diseases cost effectively. Now that can be monetized with Blockchain Tech.

Politics are lobbied by lobbyists in favor of Healthcare that is designed to work in favor of a few: By doing that, diseases that could be curable, can not be. Because the Data was never obtained. By not curing the patients based on what amounts to discrimination.

1 issue is that such initiatives: Having the ability to treat as many as possible, or everyone for every different disease, curatively, requires expertise.

The Basics Are Not All That Difficult For Some Of The Big Diseases.

Businesses, now monetize by plugging in Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash ASIC boxes: They work to reduce or eliminate the pollution, by harvesting energy like Solar & Kinetic energy.

A space that once just sat there, turns into a space that generates value: In doing that a large Blockchain is supported that is used by People & also some Software including Artificial Intelligence [also known as Real Intelligence.]

Every single person in the world can have life saving Public Health & Freedom & Liberty: Protecting from Viruses & Carcinogens, intelligently & not only cost effectively; while monetizing by use of the Tech Economy that uses Blockchain.

Some believe that is possible. There is Tech that already does that & there is also Politics & Lobbyists that for whatever reason don't prioritize some of the very complex Medical Intelligence. Medical Intelligence can be used solely to prevent deaths, cure people & maintain good health & well being.

While many of the strong & good Politicians do work for the Virtues & for Common Sense: Like A+ quality care for everyone.

The fact is, that based on performance and necessity the best of the best have gravitated to the areas of greatest need: However still, and especially now the full level of intelligent action to save lives from COVID is not in place.

When: Any United States Court, following the letter of the Constitution & Law, looking at the info would Settle or Rule in favor of the People who have been harmed by Lab Created Viruses: "Smart" Air Flow Control product can prevent infections: However nothing like that is being afforded the places that need them most. In addition to software technology that can prevent infections: Using "probability of infection" given factors such as temperature & number of People, at a given destination at a certain time.

On the contrary in 2021, the first year the Biden Administration, some corrupt counties were arresting people for COVID symptoms.

Those offices are very commonly affected by what is defined as: "Malware" that affects devices, that is used by groups that don't like another group: Their dislike is caused by things like propaganda & history of Conflicts.

Malware Appears To Weaken Bank Businesses

JP Morgan Chase & Vanguard are both in the News for stealing their customers' funds. It's possible those scams by Banks / Brokerages are the result of efforts to weaken American Finance.

That's something that's tough to defend against: That now Tech works to try to defend against.

However, as they [Big Tech Companies] do, Malware Groups try to weaken them.

Basically if 1 Tech Co. uses another Tech Company's Finance Software, Malware can & does try to work against some of the stated purposes of those software.

The Companies Work Every Day To Continue To Defend Their Products

Employees at some of the Big Finance businesses complain their tech is not up to date.

While those same companies: Bank of New York mistreats customers & their funds.

Finance Professionals who haven't used BNY have a lot of respect for the company & their history that dates back to Alexander Hamilton. While BNY works year after year to scam their customers.

BNY designed & uses a system that cuts $100 per security, corporate bonds, from their customers: To rob their customers.

The open market has the security listed at $990 & BNY puts the order through with $100 for theirselves removed, per bond. On numerous occasions only the order that is far below the market price orders is available in: "BNY Pershing's Limited Inventory"

BNY Designed & Uses A Fake Bond Market

BNY's big brokerage customers get that as their service that they pay for, for their customers.

If customers complain the company has the lower level employees: Not fulfill transactions [it can take BNY 3 days to fill 1 bond order, for very liquid corp. bonds.]

Along with various other mean spirited tactics that are common amongst some Banks & Brokerages: Lower Level employees work with Manager Level on their own rackets & try to produce profits for themselves.

The same branch of BNY [their brokerage Pershing] according to BNY's finances is the 1 section that reports a loss for BNY. Pershing is the Brokerage $BK bought. That has dozens of their own employees & executives writing very low level reviews of.

Both BNY & the brokerages that use them were founded by good people & are invested in by good people

Like many Big Finance, $BK allows a strategy that is prone to insider rackets & also malware, both: Against Customers & their own companies. Customers are stolen from by $BK, blatantly as the Company won't allow sales of bonds that are up: Because of their own betting, $BK conducts themselves as if they no longer hold their Customers' investments: $BK can't put the order through because of their own betting. The may hold some, however they're available depending on size of customers, & how many $BK bet on, of their own Customers' investments.

Business / finance / banking / brokering are complex, however that never prevented the Great American Businesspeople from suceeding before

Hopefully the use of strong strategy can eliminate all the Finance Scams that have resulted in negative $30 trillion debt. Resulted in corrupt counties & corrupt businesses that flat out rob their customers.

Whatever is performing well, those companies put their own interests first & prevent their customers from accessing their own funds. That is what JP Morgan & Bank of New York do.

Americans & Big Philanthropists want Modern Tech to sustain a strong Finance System for all those Bank employees: Who while they may have some scam being used within their ranks also encounter foreign scams that can be very complex, that are there to weaken American Finance.

That's the reality of the Finance World, and it's 1 that the stronger & better Businesses, Customers & Investors who use intelligence to build strong, functional services & Platforms will persevere through. While Companies that don't keep up Defenses 24/7 won't persevere through.

Or won't persevere through as well.

Investors, readers, whether familiar with Investing, or not, should realize that Common Sense investing includes Balance & long term strategy.

So smart investors plan ahead. Do their accounting & math and calculate how portfolios can perform for the long term.

For instance, to check for a portfolio investors may muliply investment amount, by the number of investing days in the year. To see how much is good for their Balance.

The fact is that there are very good deals on Bonds currently & Balanced investors build & use bond ladders over time to continue investing for the long term: For instance buying Berkshire Hathaway & Amazon Corp Bonds & using income from those to add to Blue Chip stocks & their Blockchain holdings.

Over time investors build up, or try to as various investments fluctuate: It's obviously important for investors to continue to try to pull in alternate sources of revenue as Investment Portfolios & Savings are subject to Performance.

Unfortunately the Democrats have wreaked havoc on all Americans' Savings recently by raising rates 100s of percent in a few weeks

Favoring Bank Insiders over their own supporters & not working to build Prosperity or eliminate the debt.

The Biden Administration has raised the 3 month Bank rate nearly 4,000% since January 1, 2022 -- they called the result of that "inflation" then passed theirselves an "Inflation Reduction Bill" that gave themselves hundreds of billions.

Acting as if they had nothing to do with the results of their raising, what is mostly an insider banking rate thousands of percents in a few weeks. On top of that, the Biden Admin tells the public they are going to fix the financial state by further raising rates; eemingly to benefit theirselves. Because the results hurt the Public though, it appears the maneuvering, the rate raising is affected by complex Advanced Persistent Threat software that the government is undefended against.

So as of now, every week the Big Democrats are cheering "Economic Recovery" and nearly all, & the vast majority of Americans in the Stock & Bond markets are down.

It did not have to be that way & does not if the various political groups worked to grow the economy, for everyone.

Instead a Big Labor movement has the Democrats promoting the idea of trying to weaken the successful American companies: As the politicians constantly complain about the successful Big Companies.

Those Companies & their employees give to those very politicians: They give money & they support them. This News Site is not against either 1 political party or another.

The entire current chapter of America is not so different from all of History. There was a lack of strong medicine & there still is.

The difference is now America & the world has the Tech to fix that & can & should & can actually do that now while instead of digging a debt, can monetize [using Tech such as Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.]

The fact is both of those new "Blockchains" Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash support each other not just every day, every 10 minutes. With Bitcoin around $20,300 & Bitcoin Cash around $117: The 1 is the original and Bitcoin Cash is a Fork of Bitcoin that is used similarly. Both used together have the ability & potential to take on important & complex problems & solve them & monetize them for the long term.

Their success is blended into the Global Economy. For instance for several months the Federal Reserve has promoted a possible CBDC, Central Bank Digital. The fact is whether such a Currency ever is implemented it's already supported by all of the Good Business, that includes the Blockchains [that are founded upon Decentralization, as opposed to Centralization. In a Decentralized System, by design it is possible for the actual best to rise to the top, based on quality & performance.]

As well if the Federal Government ever does want to eliminate the negative $30 Trillion that Blockchain Tech has the ability to do that

Because it is possible for 1 or less of each of those Blockchain's $BTC & $BCH Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash to be used to grow a large, successful company. Additionally, there is very valuable buisness in Tech that taps Data from fractions of the second, previously inaccessible.

Computer Programmers can design & implement long term Software that uses that Value System: The fact is that the Founders / Pioneers of Bitcoin Blockchain forked Bitcoin, to add Bitcoin Cash Blockchain that is used along with Bitcoin: The use of more Blockchains adds power to Good Tech businesses that design medical hardware for instance.

*Basically what is happening now is some Bitcoiners criticize Bitcoin Cash, while also benefitting from Bitcoin Cash: While other Computer Science Pros in Blockchain Technology Field use & mine both.

The Blockchain shows they continue to make up to millions more, in Bitcoin Cash: By utilizing both. Both are the inventions of the same White Paper and the fact is the Fork, Bitcoin Cash invests in & supports Bitcoin every 10 minutes and Bitcoin supports & invests in Bitcoin Cash also around every 10 minutes. The result is & continues to be a benefit to both Blockchain Tech & the Global Economy.

While some Good & Talented People worked & work to continue successful Applications of that branch of Computer Science: Blockchain.

Those teams of Hackers in their Basements & Garages, & some have been able to upgrade to better Office Spaces, are building successful Apps, because of & with Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Tech.

Both the Computer Scientists & also A.I. Tech, has Blockchain value system to add to operations, that has allowed for an increase in Quality for the Good Tech: "Hackers" aren't making Silk Road, they work on Good Technology, suchas life saving medical tech, 24/7.

Silk Road was a website faciliated by Obama Administration Federal Employees along with 1 main non Government Employee named Ross Ulbricht.

The Obama Admin Federal Agents were taking the Bitcoin, very possibly because of some Finance-Malware that tried to weaken that Federal Department: The Government arrested & released their own Government Employees, who ran & took from Silk Road, however is leaving the website designer, Ross Ulbricht in Prison to die.

For running a web site that had marijuana. As well as for Silk-Road-Infighting, that while allegedly included severe declarations, did not lead to actual incidences of retaliation, according to the reports: It appears that infighting is the result of common Software Attacks, that target People to try to result in fights.

It appears the Silk Road website builder, Ulbricht was coerced by the Federal Agents who were trying to take Bitcoin for theirselves from the Silk Road, that the Obama Admin Federal Agents were actually on the ground helping to operate: Some members of Congress are calling for Ross Ulbricht to be set free.

What Ulbricht allegedly did may or may not have been right {website & marijuana is Constitutional, agreeing to Federal Agent trying to entrap him to harm a co-worker: Not Good.} however a lot of the Silk Road appears to have been affected by Malware that affected both of the Federal Agents & Ross Ulbricht}

*There is a movie called Silk Road for those unfamiliar with that.

American Mass Incarceration Statistics Show Malware, that Tries to Cause Mass Incarceration that Corrupt Counties Don't Complain About Because of Profit

Similarly, the government falsely accused Aaron Swartz [who co founded Reddit] with affiliation with Chinese malware that he had nothing to do with.

The government alleged they found a Chinese Bot's IP. The government then claimed Aaron Swartz had something to do with that Chinese IP address, when: Foreign Bots are as common as the day is long.

Both the Silk Road case & Aaron Swartz case appear to have been affected by some malware, including malware embedded in advertisements, that is not actually part of how those advertisements are designed: In order to cause harm.

That same type of Malware appears to have affected Willie Nash in Mississippi who was given 12 years prison for having a cell phone on him within a few hours of being Booked in Jail, not realizing he wasn't allowed to. To use, or more accurately weaponize America's Mass Incarceration Against Americans.

It's likely many Americans are in Prison due to malware that weaponizes Mass Incarceration against Americans that is not defended against adequately

Computer Scientists work to cure Heart Diseases [like Earl Bakken tried to do with Medtronic.] Medtronic $MDT published that they believe there are Billions of dollars in Medical Data Integration that Blockchain Technology can provide for]

Computer & Medical Pros build & invent tech to fight Blood Cancers [some of the Blood Cancers are caused by Gain of Function Lab Viruses that were not secured] & Air Pollution, & build Finance software that actually works functionally to have good, strong Banking Services.

The Good Businesses are told that the Establishment can't have curative medicine, because of cost

When an intelligent team can go through & implent a system that actually does work.

There is a Big Difference there: Now, those intelligent teams have the ability to use Big Data & use Computer Programs that are designed to work & actually work very well.

Those same systems are and can be used to prevent & reduce illness: Using Medical & Computer Intelligence: Some of that is Blockchained, and now with Intel Corporation's new low energy consuming Bitcoin ASIC chip more Hardware has the ability to incorporate Blockchain: That can be used with advanced Software to work miracles in Medicine & against Big Societal Ills, like poverty & homelessness.

Instead, corrupt counties loot People, use Brutality, run $ rackets: That is not Constitutional, they do it anyway.

Tech can & does work to resolve that and raise the bar of excellence: All the while some Politicians instead of empowering Tech to advance medicine, take Lobbying dollars, sometimes from foreign groups & then make it their platform to be against the most successful American Companies.

That's what the Democrats are doing, using the political platforms of other Democrats who lost: Senator Warren's campaign spent months posting ads on social media in favor of breaking up Big Tech. That campaign lost, however currently the Democrats have caused all Big Companies to lose.

The Dems claim they are "Billion dollar corps" that they want more from, when those companies generate Billions in taxes paid & actually have debt to pay.

Biden won & is giving some of the losing Political Groups in the Democrat Party power that they are using to further weaken successful Businesses & also wreak havoc on all Americans' Savings.

That's not what Biden campaigned for: Biden / Harris Campaigned on "Keep the Faith" not Sanders' "97.5% tax" or Warren's "Tear Down Big Tech."

Those Platforms Are Used to Weaken All Americans & They Did Not Get Voted For

Both Senator Warren & Senator Sanders are popular & good on many things: It is likely some of the political lobbying for those Big Platform Points were not in their own Campaigns' best interests

It's not even necessarily the 1 Lobbyist that gets that Big Score to get Sanders to trumpet "97.5% taxes" & Warren to trumpet 'Down With All Successful American Businesses.'

Weakening successful Businesses & People is a goal of not just "Anti-American": But, groups that just don't like all of the places that try to have what they call Civilized Society: Peace.

When, it is safe to say that the vast majority of People, over 99.9% want Peace & there's a small fraction of a % that works against that successfully 24/7.

Successful companies, the ones that work 24/7 to maintain quality, & design operations able to defend against insider & all scams, are important to Nations that want Civilized Society: Because successful companies provide jobs & wealth.

Groups that don't like this, that & the other place try to harm them. Voters want the best from both sides of Aisle: To empower Tech to cure & prevent all diseases including Lab Gain of Function

The World Can Achieve Curative Tech For Everyone

It makes no sense at all for American Politicians to make it their platform to want to take money from & also tear down companies, like Big Tech, because they are successful. Those companies generate Billions in Taxes & employ hundreds of thousands. Their success begets more, new successful companies; that work & try to do the same: Common denominator is they work to try to do Good, they try to save lives & make Good products.

The Political Offices that try to tear down the most successful are very likely affected by foreign malware that works to do just that. That's your most successful companies: Why would you want to make it a political platform to tear them down? They are not perfect, they can improve & should: However those successful companies have the power to use Intelligence to cure diseases & save lives.

They are trying & instead of support & empowerment they have political efforts against them: Should have United efforts to empower that Tech to be able to do what could not be done before: Save lives from the Gain of Function Viruses that afflict people, some are reportedly from Labs.

1 Computer Program can reduce whatever the issue that the Democrat Party has with Senior Citizens is: The Democrats complain that Senior Citizes are a "drain on society."

At the same time Big Banks are in the News for robbing their older clients' money.

Vanguard & JP Morgan Chase did not design and use a system where the Bankers couldn't steal Customers' money, that shows a lack of quality [possibly that is caused by same aforementioned efforts to weaken companies.]

Had those companies designed it into their operations that could not be done {that's the basis of Bitcoin's Cryptography that was founded upon Trustless & works with 0-Trust Computing} had JP Morgan & Vanguard thought to design it into their Business that they couldn't rob their customers, that would have shown a better level of Quality, to begin with.

Instead of those companies working to improve the level of the Business & Service, they continue to use that sort of strategy: Where Customers' investment dollars are used for the Bankers' own profit, while the Customers aren't able to access their Vanguard & Chase investments.

Bank of New York also has created what can only be described as a "fake market" where the bank selectively allows some trades & not others, the fact they all do that: Do not provide basic services of finances & play games with their Customers' money shows that American Finance Business are not defending well enough against Financial Malware.

Chase & BNY, allow customers to buy, then don't allow them to sell securities that are on the Open Market, they selectively allow Customers to buy & sell, it appears for their own insiders' benefit

BNY, Bank of New York doesn't provide access to the Open Bond Markets & uses scams to thieve amounts around $800 per order, by not allowing customers access to the basic open stock & bond markets. BNY's Pershing won't allow bond customers, who bought bonds with them to have an order put out on the market, also.

So customers can look at their securities at Chase & BNY, & Vanguard [Vanguard, BNY & Chase all use strategies that allow customers to buy, then not sell] customers are literally allowed to look at their investments while those Big Finance companies [Vanguard & $JPM Chase] are in the news for stealing.

Those companies do that with All companies' securities [that's primarily Chase & BNY, while Vanguard is selectivety turning stock tickers off currently on tickers they receive millions in commissions on that Bogle allowed investors to invest in, including Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Funds]

The Vanguard customers just can't trade those securities, that Vanguard allowed them to buy & took commissions on: All the S&P 500's securities at Chase & BNY through their "fake bond markets."

Because Chase & BNY's securities scams are so similar it appears they may be affected by similar efforts to weaken American Finance businesses [those companies rob their clients by having fake securities' bond platforms for all the Companies & Institutions, they do not allow customers access to the open market & they take a cut from the individual orders for their selves.

It can be $100 or more per security, in sets of 1,000 Notes.] Those finance companies are composed of teams that are both taking advantage & being taken advantage of by Malware.

So as Vanguard & Chase pick what securities can & can't be transacted on, after they received commissions for those orders [& now some do not have commissions any more] in order for those instituions to scam their customers: Malware can & appears to make those Scammers' Scams worse.

Vanguard, Chase, BNY customers did not expect that & on the contrary expected Finance Businesses that didn't as a matter of their Business Strategy use Customers' info to scam them: It is not right for businesses, banks, brokerages to design their operations to be able to take customers' money: Selectively turn off investments such as $AAPL $GOOGL $AMZN $MSFT $BRKA, all of the Big Companies, not just tech: BNY Scams on all of them, Vanguard scams on some of them & so does Chase.

They do that because the Vanguard, BNY & Chase managers are tasked with making money, they have access & Vanguard & Chase take that money out of the customers' accounts & put it in their own managers' pockets: That likely is worsened by Financial Malware & use of a Business Strategy that is designed that way.

Tech can & should resolve that for the future, because customers wouldn't ever have begun using those companies if they knew Vanguard decides not to allocate funds according to how the customers' requested & won't allow trading on the same funds Bogle allowed: Like the Big Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Funds, and several investments Vanguard selectively turned off on April 28th, 2022 after receiving millions of dollars in customers' commissions over years.

Those Banks are encountering Malware that is trying to weaken them by getting them to be mad at things that benefit their own Businesses: That's the common denominator.

Vanguard literally turned off investments that went up better than anything else, including Bitcoin & the Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash: They fluctuate & receive brunt of criticism, however that Tech has generated Billions in business & has provided intelligent support for the entire global economy.

Big Finance Isn't Receiving Objective Updates on Blockchain Tech: Based on Cryptography

Instead Big Banks are receiving criticism from industries that also: Benefit from Blockchain's success. They are complaining about things that benefit them: Gold does that, some Banks are doing that and that may be due to malware that in general works to weaken Big Finance.

The fact is that as some of the most successful Big Companies have expressed, even the events of January 6th may have been the result of Malware. Objectively, the fact is that event supported 1 side: The Democrats.

This News site is objective, after Trump's White House said "science should not stand in the way" of reopening this site supported Biden / Harris, believing they would do a better job fighting COVID: The Admin has not & instead has revealed that 1 contingent of Democrats favors "Eugenics," that is against curing diseases & against curing Lab Created Diseases: When Biden / Harris Admin campaign included promotions touting that Biden was on the side of Curing all diseases: What is most unfortunate is those damn diseases, Pancreatic, Brain, Blood cancers are caused by Gain of Function Viruses & Americans want those cured & they can & should be for every one.

All Labs can be protected & groups working to misuse Viruses can be defended against & every person can be cured of those diseases: If America & the best institutions use Medical & Computer Intelligence: Some of that works at 1 quinitillion or more computations per second [exascale computing.]

Whether it's a lab leak or not: A good enough team of Medical Tech Professionals can take a small amount of the Blockchains, establish Nodes, and also use computers / supercomputers, to do things like reduce all Mortality from Medical Error [using Biosensors] and also defend against COVID [actually defend individuals from the very cloud of respiration that would have caused them to be harmed.]

Instead some political groups make the claims & don't ever intend to back them up & that's how the Biden / Harris Admin has played the first few Innings of their White House Administration when Democrat supporters, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Anti Mass Incarceration, Pro Marijuana, Big Tech: Apple, Amazon, Google & Microsoft, [investors & the workers & companies] Biden Donors who voted & supported Biden believed that their team was intent on defending every one from COVID.

That has not happened, beacause of the severity of COVID & because of all the Politics: Well, when that equates to so many people dying it is not Constitutional: Research shows complex foreign efforts on both GOP & Democrat side that try to do that [cause more deaths] against elderly & Americans with Disabilities.

When Good Societies defend their People, including Seniors & Disabled: Some foreign propaganda equates Old People or disabled with Big Cost, when the fact is now Tech can monetize Care, & the Senior Citizen Age Group generates a ton for the economy & for businesses.

The longer people live, the better it is for the Economy. They also generate millions & billions of dollars in business: Politicians have a tough job, however Democrats currently have their own supporters believing that Trump was better: It is not clear at all that the Democrats would have defended against COVID intelligently or even told Americans about it: Because of various lobbying that affects both sides.

America is a Nation with People who want A+ everything for everyone: That means the best quality, for everyone.

That Includes Intelligent, Life Saving Use of Modern Tech for Everyone

Not doing that results in not only People dying, the People who are the Doctors, Nurses & PhDs: When a Smart Air Flow device & Biosensors can prevent those infections & deaths for Hospital Workers & also for everyone.

The American & Global Economy has produced amazing businesses & is very strong. The values have always been in flux & Big Tech has accomplished some of the strongest business in history.

Americans want Politics to use a Science of Finance to grow the economy. Not Loot the People.

As well, empower the Tech that can cure & prevent diseases.

Thus far, the lesser municipalities are out there Mass Incarcerating & abusing their own People & anyone they can find to turn a profit for Mass Incarceration: Those same groups have their own dying & the prisoners dying of COVID.

They do not care that if they used a Constitutional Standard; that, can prevent crime, prevent malware designed to cause crime & fuel mass incarceration.

In some towns they have their own Town Nurse in Jail over vague traffic infractions & the town's own Nurse doesn't survive 1 night: That may be because of those Gain of Function viruses: Those corrupt counties then have their own employees dying.

Big Tech & Blockchain Can Prevent & Cure Those Diseases Using Complex Intelligence

If Americans asked for a Resolution to the damages caused by the Federally Declared COVID in any Objective Court of Law, an objective Court would favor the People who have been harmed by Gain of Function viruses that are from Labs.

Politics, are so immersed in Favors for Lobbyists that instead of using the Power within the most Powerful House on the Planet, built by All Americans, from every place in the World to save lives, prevent diseases & deaths: As they did Campaign On, the Democrats are acting like they have the 1 Big Priority, of Wining & Dining lavishly & and telling Americans to walk the COVID Plank: Unintelligently.

The Tech & Power exists to prevent every person from encountering the particles of COVID respiration that cause 30 years premature deaths. Medical Software / Public Health Software like that relies on skills of Computer Science Professionals [sometimes known as Hackers.]

1 Piece of Software Can Do That

Prevent people from enoutering the cloud of COVID Respiration that'll cause their deaths otherwise.

Such software can plug into Intel Corp ASIC chips, mine Blockchains & also use Bitcoin Satoshis & Bitcoin Cash Satoshis [1 satoshi is 100 millionth of a Bitcoin] to continue operating life saving software / hardware for 1,000 years. [Like a smart air flow / decontamination system, that is powered by Blockchain.]

Instead, some Politics fund Gain of Function viruses & complain about old people & tell audiences that they have ideas for cures that don't really exist: Like some Democrats do.

Those Democrats tell audiences that they once asked Doctors to save their friend, as if that's all medicine is a system of favors: When intelligent Computer & Medical Intelligence can defend everyone from all diseases & extend their lives to & beyond their natural longevity.

COVID data shows that Gain of Function viruses that cause Cancer, cause deaths 20 to 30 years prematurely. [By interfering with & harming the Furin & Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System: That when working properly does 100s of things including regulating sodium retention in the kidney: SARS-CoV-2 interferes with those Biological / Physiological processes. In Blood Cancers specifically SARS-CoV-2's Furin Cleavage harms the properly functioning Bone Morphogenic Protein complex.]

Computer & Medical Intel can protect the doctors, hospital workers & all the People also, if the Politicians empower that Life Saving Ability.

Big Tech & Blockchain does already work to try to raise that bar of excellence & hopefully will be stewarded well into the future to be able to intelligently cure all those complex diseases. Including those from Gain of Function Labs that were funded by the Obama / Biden White House Administration, in Wuhan's old level 2 Biosafety labs that had little to no security & have caused millions of deaths.

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