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JANUARY 22, 2017

In 1789 George Washington was elected the first U.S. president. The United States' capital was New York City. He had to settle for the first presidential residence at 1 Cherry Street, since the Trump Tower up the road had not been built yet.

Those were the days when if you needed directions, you could reach in your pocket and instead of an iPhone, you could pull out your compass. Instead of an app you'd open a map.

George Washington like Donald Trump was a part of his family's real estate business. It was The Ohio Company:

Source: Pennsylvania Gazette, March 19, 1754: Letter from Dr. William Douglass 1751

George Washington's brothers Lawrence and Augustine Jr. were two of the "Company of Gentlemen in Virginia, called the Ohio Company."

That excerpt is from 1754, shortly after Major George Washington's Journal To The River Ohio, &c. hit the 1750s equivalent of today's New York Times' Bestseller List.

Source: Maryland Gazette, March 21, 1754

A quick comparison of the two bestsellers shows some similarities, and some differences. One was handwritten in 1753, the other in 1987. They both wrote of their real estate ventures. Washington's under the wing of the British military.

There were vast differences between the two, of course. As well George Washington was representative of the founding fathers and early Americans. President Trump represents one side of American voters today.

Nor did George Washington represent all of the people in his day, some people were Loyalists; they aligned with King George III. As well, under George Washington the Whiskey Rebellion took place because of an alcohol tax. When one of the rallying points for the Revolution was taxes, while some simply wanted freedom, liberty and rights.

Trump Professed Two Rules

After President Trump's inauguration, @realDonaldTrump reiterated one point in his speech:

Source: @realDonaldTrump

In general President Trump is speaking to the concept of: Quality of life. The four words are a sort of pièce de résistance in terms of slogans. The etymology of the French term coined in 1789 explains: "pièce de résistance" literally means "piece of resistance" according to Merriam-Webster.

To be more accurate the post-script of the slogan could provide the terms:

Buy American & Hire American* Rules and conditions may apply, please ask your nearest Trump campaign office which jobs Trump voters want and which jobs they don't feel like doing."

A small town could rely heavily on one employer, if that employer closes shop and moves across the border it could be devastating. The business most likely does not want to abandon laborers who work hard and spent years at the company. However if there is major financial incentive to move, the company is in a tough situation.

American Facilitation Of Business Relative To State's Political Structure

The same situation United Technologies (UTX) was in, when they announced a move from Indiana to Mexico. The Trump Administration negotiated, before the inauguration to keep part of the factory jobs in Indiana, by working out a better tax deal for the company.

Therein, is another major complication. Some municipalities, even ones that claim to be conservative, ramp taxes up on families and businesses prohibitively.

Conversely, some foreign governments do not have nearly the representation for laborers that the United States does. They don't have nearly the sort of benefits, so labor can be done for less money.

It is not just jobs. The American Dream is for quality jobs. There are various quality jobs, however they are limited. One of the quality jobs, is government jobs. However, where some jobs require Masters Degrees, the equivalent, or PhDs; government jobs do not necessarily, depending on the position.

Because politics require gaining popularity, some issues are politicized, to a point they don't fall into four word pièces de résistance. Some of the largest businesses in America provide products and services that would not be affordable if they were not in part produced by other countries.

The Difference Between Wisdom & Ignorance

President Trump's slogan points to the core issue used to negotiate with United Technologies' Carrier factory in Indiana: Municipalities and states with exorbitant property taxes, in the actual name of "less government and lower taxes." Just to see how much they can get away with, to put into their own pockets.

That is one, obvious, criteria businesses look at and some municipalities could not care less. They do not evaluate based on a formula that is approved, they jack up property taxes to milk their constituents dry, to take from everyone, for themselves. Not to make their municipality stronger, simply to get that money and take it as a bonus. Larger businesses, looking to expand, take one look and pass: Skipping over some areas because they seem to be run incompetently, and the people regret.

However, if something turns political -- hold on, hold on -- out of nowhere there's politicians coming out of the woodwork, politicians you didn't even know was in there, and then maybe some sort of deal can be worked out. As part of a political soap opera. No matter what the expense, paid for by taxpayers to make that political issue look the way some want it to look, with terms and conditions applying.

When, the fact is the fairer communities used: Wisdom. They knew the importance of not wasting, a long time ago, and they made that a priority. Some municipalities did not. There is a particularly important dynamic in the rural political relationship to urban areas, and towns relative to their county seat. Some are simply better than others, however what is surprising is disregard for their own rules: When it has to do with money, and taxes.

Ironically what happens, more often than not, is the communities that resort to stealing from their residents never get what they want. They sure do bother their residents. However, the so-called leaders, who want riches for themselves usually never get it. While the communities with values, who used wisdom, and provided education and encouragement to: Do good work, that don't lie, don't cheat and don't steal from their own, or anyone just because they are in government jobs; the communities that use common sense for the common good -- they benefited greatly.

Trump Does Not Want Criticisms, However Trump Would Be Animadverting Himself

It's Day Two, so it's fair to give President Trump a chance and some room for error. He's dealing with the "Look at us, look at us, we're doing things"-Party.

One strategy President Trump uses, is to insult large groups. He even called others out for insulting certain groups, while joining forces with people who said as bad or worse about the same groups.

Now, as president, Donald Trump is still decompressing from the election. Though, it remains to be seen when or if the Trump Administration will gain appreciation for the universiality of the Executive Branch.

Approximately 129 million Americans voted for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. According to the results Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. President Trump claimed that illegal immigrants, 3 million, voted for Hillary so they didn't count. So, he said he won the popular vote too.

However, there are approximately 245 million eligible voters in America. So 129 million subtracted from 245 million is over 110 million Americans who did not vote. Politics don't interest them, they were busy, they didn't think their vote counted, or they didn't really have strong feeling about either side.

If a population is taught that something is valuable, many will work for it, and they will fight for it. If it is money, if it is power, if it is value itself; some invaluable things such as peace. At a point the people will decide if that lesson is sensible, and further decide how to fully understand the subject.

In a sense now Donald Trump is the apprentice to every president before him: The Office. To them: All of the former presidents, just like many of the leaders of great businesses, or great institutions; they had something great in mind. President Trump has a certain aesthetic that is ornamental and classic, sometimes leaning towards the over-the-top. It's supposed to look nice and deliver service.

However, particularly with Trump Organization, the business is private, it is not publicly traded. However, the hotel industry has found a strong model over the years. Though property requires maintenance, the return on investment for quality can be strong, if the supply / demand ratio is perfectly understood. You have a hotel with 500 rooms and are constantly 10% occupied, then the ratio was not perfectly understood from the beginning. In addition, the formula requires a variable: How will that area be in the future.

Trump Holds Key To Future

President Trump is not all of a sudden going to make all of the older urban areas: "Great." He might have a plan to help. It simply remains to be seen.

However, in campaigning he expressed that, supposedly, according to him he wishes to make all, and everything great. There was no post-script to the "Make America Great Again" Slogan, like:

*Make America America Great Again terms & conditions: Only applies to people determined to be great by Donald Trump.

In history each side has gotten their way for some time. Every few years a group had the opportunity to express their platform, and the seat of power alternated.

Now, because some areas used such polar, and extreme propaganda against each other the two parties are not represented. The remainder one-party in parts of America, does not stand for the principles of their own larger party, at all.

The statistics show this, and it doesn't matter. So there are areas where people run unopposed, then produce results contrary to their platform. Thus turning a two-party system, into a one-party system with its own monarch of sorts.

When some groups try to wrestle for power, sometimes it isn't great. The quarreling leaves towns, that had potential, falling down completely.

In the greater communities common sense was and is more often used. Qualities like performance, knowledge, skills, are measured when hiring people who are given responsibility. Instead of the situation where offices with great responsibility are awarded to people who have no understanding of the subject, or an inferior understanding compared to the expert who just happened not to be one of the hiring department's friends.

In keeping with that tradition, the person selected who is unqualified, awards the next most powerful position to another person who doesn't understand the subject. There are some departments that can try to get away with doing that. Just hoping that someone down the totem pole does understand the subject. While the person tasked to be the supervisor, or Secretary reads up on the subject they were handed power over.

Compared to communities that measure qualification, when filling taxpayer funded offices. Where coincidentally those communities operate competently. Especially compared to other offices that are operated in the former manner. So, while President Trump makes his picks: Multiply that by every single office job that is paid for by taxpayers.

There are not enough billionaires to appoint to all of those positions. So, they either go to some applicant, friends, family; qualified people or unqualified people. Then the performance is judged based on the credit quality. Effective systems produced strong credit, ineffective systems weren't concerned with that from the beginning. The person in charge of that department hadn't gotten to that chapter in the book yet, that explained what their office does.

Where some understand how to build up, and others do not. Some know how to create an illusion, however are irresponsible. Even people who voted against Trump, share something with those who voted for him, and those who did not vote. They want those common sense qualities that were expressed in the Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness. To this day there are municipal offices, regardless of political side, that do not fully understand the concept; they think they understand: Money, money, money. When it's actually greed, without understanding how good work can often lead to profit (not just money that totals less than debt.)

Everything Good Has Value

Both George Washington and Donald Trump benefited not just from their own work or their family's work, they benefitted from the entirety of Americans. George Washington was selected to be a representative, and in a different way President Trump was selected to be a representative.

There was a great need in 1789 to pick the best, and today there is also. Not just for President Trump, for each governor of each state and for each town, on their town councils and county council, and in all of the offices. Some town offices are treated with the same respect by their constituents as the Office of the President. Some offices in America are basically treated like a drive-thru window at a restaurant.

The economy is dependent on all. The economy is dependent on the population, on the businesses and on the leaders. While Donald Trump was animadverting his opponents and the previous Administration, one obvious contradiction was American businesses thrived, incredibly well. Because Obama's Administration realized value, that was already there.

The greatest businesses of today work on principles, and it remains to be seen what the interpretation of principles are with the Trump Administration. What matters most is that hopefully as many people as possible have the opportunity to acheive success. The Obama Administration's results could be debated as every American President's results in this regard.

The results won't be known until the job is done, therefore they are not precisely calculable. However, certain catalysts are known, and the communities in America that are great teach those principles.

There are some using a meme:

Source: Pro-Trump propaganda

However the fact is the Office of the Presidency is very powerful, and Donald Trump did not take a step down in his career. There is plenty of room for criticizing Trump, as he projected his critique of the George W. Bush Administration (when Trump changed his political party from Reform to Democratic) and to a greater degree towards the Obama Administration (when he changed from Democratic to Independent.)

Some of the more corrupt counties in America make a business of stealing; every year in tiny counties a minimum of 3 government employees are fired for stealing, while the upper rankings of the counties never call themselves out for stealing. Those same areas make a literal business of taking money and rights from their constituents, their neighbors, their communities' historic families and raise taxes by hundreds of percent, with no new enhancements, just to see how much they can get away with. With no regard for any state mandated criteria, just to try to pull in extra money under the cloak of the Republican party, raising taxes under the slogan "less taxes."

It simply remains to be seen what President Trump's policy is. However, he presumably does know the difference between good business and bad business. He knows how to entertain an audience. President Trump has in the past taken both sides of several different arguments, that are important to voters. Though Trump supporters reaction is: He took some side on something: "Whatever."

What allowed President Trump to succeed, in addition to his determination was the liberty that the nation was founded upon. As well, ironically, President Trump's rebound in his business benefited from the strong economy that President Obama hailed in. This lends to one of the most nonsensical elements of the Trump canpaign, in using Obama as a nemesis rather than offering wisdom from their perspective to improve the areas that were important to them.

Now, President Trump's side has that opportunity. Just as the different sides have had since 1789, and have alternated handing power back and forth. Even though each side has had opportunity, of course they go on to say everything is broken and now they are the only ones who can fix it. When, both parties have power.

Make Liberty Great Again

Donald Trump spoke of rebuilding America:

We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people.

- Donald J. Trump, 45th Presidential Inauguration

It appeared, to play to a certain type of media. However, he went to the CIA today and started by saying, the reason he was there was because of his "war with the media."

President Trump knows production. So, he most likely knows that journalism, television news, and the like are jobs and not everyone agrees and not everyone is agreeable. Employees at New York Times (NYT) voted for him, just as employees at Comcast (CMCSA) and CBS (CBS). In politics often the concept of enemies is part of the game, when the fact is around 100 million eligible voters did not vote, for whatever reason.

There is no precedent, for walking into any job, in the context of power transitions. On the economy Obama did better than anyone ever before him. For the Tea Party who says the states should have more power, until ideally their state representatives are equals or superior to representatives to D.C., to blame Obama for conditions in cities is another example of the diametric opposition to platform that can be found in unintelligent quarreling.

It is like a group saying:

"We want all the power, because we want to be as fancy as the U.S. Senators :( So we elected someone who promised to let us do whatever we want. Unless it happens to be different from something they want. So, there."

On the national scene, while of course the more prominent politicians take center stage the repercussions are felt throughout the nation. However, on the local level, state representatives' actions are felt much more. So in a sense local level politicians have more potent power, however for several years they have been complaining and complaining, about what you'd never guess: More power.

When good work has the power to bring more, than the ones who allowed their communities to falter; while they were too busy clamoring for power. Just as the Secretary of Health & Human Services, can not do their job alone, in fact could only ever do their job with a team of experts in different areas, the national municipal system and federal system depends on qualified people who, as they have since 1789, worked together regardless of who they voted for.

Sometimes both sides benefit and the cycle continues, of working together, having opposing views rather than the broken systems with no stable framework. In every election the candidates depended their entire lives on people who vote against them, however the only way anything is accomplished is for both sides to work together and the politicians to impress the voters. That is just America, and perhaps part of a balancing system, or pendulum of liberty that is a sort of repercussion from all American history.

While Donald Trump uses mass media to tell everyone how much mass media dislikes him, he uses the pro-Trump media network also. There are differences in the interpretation of important American principles, though in the past Trump has very vocally taken both sides of popular arguments, indicating that he contemplates both sides and like many changes his mind from time to time, until settling on what makes sense to him. That made sense to voters, the rest as they say: Hasn't been written yet.

Disclaimer: This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is a recommendation to watch the Back to the Future Trilogy. Please consult a qualified financial adviser to determine proper allocations, if any to investments.



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